My Hypersomnia 

Hypersomnia is a real disorder. It’s sort of like how you feel when you’re really tired except it doesn’t go away. 

I am rarely ever fully awake. I almost never feel energized anymore. I could sleep for days, and I don’t mean that as an expression. I mean it literally. On an average night, I sleep around 16 hours only to wake up and often feel fatigued. When I do try to be productive, I’m often too tired to actually accomplish anything. And god forbid I try to sit down during the day. I will fall asleep. Sometimes people even lay down to watch TV. I can do it!…for about five to ten minutes until my eyes close without my consent. 

There are many different reasons I could have this disorder. I have not always been like this. This disorder has taken over my life. I can only spend so long on any certain activity because I can only stay awake for so long at a time. I am now unable to control large parts of my life. I can’t even control when I’m awake or when I sleep. 

Hypersomnia is very uncommon, and I’m writing this for awareness. It’s true that you will probably never encounter someone with this disorder. But just in case you do, I’m asking that you please not tell them how much fun it is to be a hypersomniac. 

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