26 Thoughts Every College Age Person With ADD Has When Asked “Did you even play outside as a kid?”

  1. Playing outside? What do you mean?
  2. Of course I played outside.
  3. My mom made me, but still.
  4. Don’t worry, I won’t try and tell you I did a whole bunch because then you’ll tell me you did more.
  5. I even have memories of playing outside.
  6. I had a really cool scooter.
  7. and bike.
  8. And we would play man-hunt.
  9. You proably didn’t play that, and you missed out.
  10. It’s so much better than hide and seek.
  11. Even better than hide and seek tag.
  12. I used to play hide and seek.
  13. I remember because I would bring my Furby.
  14. But then that one time I dropped it.
  15. And my poor Furby broke.
  16. But then it kept talking to me.
  17. It was possessed.
  18. It probably wanted to kil me.
  19. I wanted to go inside and tell my mom.
  20. I forgot I couldn’t have gone inside yet.
  21. If I tried she would have locked me out again.
  22. And then I would have had to stay out there forever like last time.
  23. But the last time I had my gameboy.
  24. My gameboy….that was fun.
  25. Oh yeah, that was why I had to play outside in the first place.
  26. I guess my parents really did make me play outside, but yes, I did play outside as a kid.

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