What Every 15 Year Old Girl Should Know

The mistakes I’ve made (many of them the year I was fifteen) changed me, my perspecitve on life, and my character. Although the mistakes I made were completely my fault, there were things that came with those mistakes. These things I did not ask for, and many were not my fault. I’m not entirely sure I would change my past if I had the chance, but I would never wish upon anyone some of the things that did happen. Almost everything happened because of one boy. 

  1. Older guys may be more attractive or more mature than guys your age. BUT…they may be ready for things you aren’t. 

If a guy seems pushy about sex and you’re not ready, don’t be afraid to straight up say no. Think about any time you get maybe for an answer when you really wanted the answer to be yes. If the guy really likes you, he won’t get mad if you say no. If you want to say no and don’t, that can put you in positions that are much harder to get out of. 

2. A guy who drives like a jackass is likely to get in an accident. (Same goes for those who drink and drive).

You don’t want to be there when that happens. Enough said. 

3. Watch for warning signs in the beginning of a relationship.

This goes for cheating, lying, craziness…etc. 

I have two stories for this one. The first story is about a guy who cheated on me for a year and a half. Before we were dating officially, we were “exclusivly talking.” He told me one day that the night before he had hooked up with some other girl. After crying and crying, I decided to forgive him. A few weeks later, we started dating, and he cheated on me for over a year. He just never told me about it again. And for the second story, I dated a guy more recently who would answer all my questions vaguely to make me think the answer was the one I wanted. For example, the first time I got in his car I said, “it smells like cigarettes. Do you smoke?” He just answered by saying “Oh my god, I hate when my friends smoke in my car.” Of course he implied that he didn’t smoke, and that’s what I thought until I found out that he did. He gave me these kinds of answers so often in the beginning of our relationship that I began to slowly figure out that I didn’t even know the guy I was dating. 

4. If someone has had what you would consider a lot of relationships in a short period of time, you should wonder why. 

I’m guilty of this  one myself. I’ll be honest. I have hurt more guys than I would ever admit to. Just because someone goes through people faster than normal doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be the one for them. But it doesn’t hurt to be a little watchful or concerned in the begining of the relaionship. 

5. Staying away from someone that you don’t really get along with but that continues to promise a better future

Let’s be honest. If you date a guy, you probably will change some things about him. Maybe he’ll realize chick flicks aren’t actually all that bad. However, you can’t change who he is and changes are that he isn’t gonna change for you. 
I know that everyone’s probably heard these things before, but dating a certain guy when I was fifteen still has effects on my mental health. There are good guys out there, but if you ever have to question the one you’re with, then he’s most likely not one of them. 

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