Yes, We Do All Have Bruises

A few years ago Train came out with a song called “Bruises.” I think the song itself is beautiful, but even if that’s not your kind of music I would suggest listening to it for the lyrics. It helped me through a time in my life when I felt alone. 

(Side note: I’ve always wanted to sing this song at some bar or restaurant on a  karaoke night. I just need a guy who can sing.)

Last year was my first year away at school. I had never spent so much time away from my family or so much time alone. All my friends from high school went to different schools, and I really didn’t know anyone. I’ve always been good at talking to people, but it turns out that I’m no good at making real friends. 

After awhile everyone had their groups of friends. Or at least so it seemed. I didn’t have anyone to talk to; no one was there with me. I tried to convince myself that always being alone and doing things by myself was making me more independent. But really, it was just making me more and more lonely. I fell into a deep depression. 

Depressed and unwilling to leave the house, I spent a lot of my time just laying in bed and listening to music. I’ve always tried not to pity myself because I have been more than blessed with the life I’ve been given. With that mindset, I decided when I was younger to never feel sorry for myself. This decision inevitably caused me to try my hardest to never get upset. 

I would listen to this song day after day.

At this point, I was alone in a new place and more than just upset.

I started to become more and more obsessed with the song; I couldn’t even leave my room without listening to it at least once. I guess you could say that I became addicted. It was months before I could leave without listening to the song at all. I still suffer from depression. “Bruises” made me realize that I wasn’t alone. Not only is it okay to be hurt or upset, but these are the things that connect human beings. 

“These bruises make for better conversation”
Listen to the song!


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