My Experience with a Drunk Creep

Every girl, and probably most guys too, have been to a bar and experienced someone not getting your hints. This girl or guy you’re talking to doesn’t realize that you’re not interested. You assume he or she is probably just too drunk to understand, but every now and then people at bars just choose not to understand. So here’s the story of one of my experiences:

The first Friday of my freshman year of high school I decided to go out to a popular bar near school. I had never experienced guys being so touchy in my life. Oh, and pause real quick, I had a long-term long-distance boyfriend at this point in time. So anyway, I’m already freaked out about all these guys walking around like they own the girls here. And then this guy starts talking to me. 

He seemed nice, but he kept grabbing my waist. It didn’t take too long to realize he was completely hitting on me. Kinda freaked out by his bluntness, I ditched him the first chance I got. 

I went and sat on a bench with one of my sorority sisters. Before long, another guy came and sat down next to me. He started talking and I throughly enjoyed talking to him. So I told him about the creepy guy who was all over me. I asked if he could stay with me in case the creepy guy came back. He seemed intrigued and agreed. 

I told him all about my boyfriend and how much I loved him. We talked for quite awhile, so I probably told him too much. But he seemed like a genuine guy, so I wasn’t really worried about anything. Being 18, I couldn’t get drinks myself, so when my drink was empty and he got me another one, I thought he was just being nice and friendly. 

He came back with my drink, and one of my favorite songs was on. He taught me how to swing dance. Honestly, I had a lot of fun with him.

Time for me to leave came, and so I started to say goodbye. He was SHOCKED. He said, “wait, so you’re not coming home with me tonight?” Then I was shocked. I had told him all about my boyfriend and how I didn’t like that other guy flirting with me BECAUSE I HAD A BOYFRIEND. 

The look on my face must have said that because he then said, “You seem like you really like your boyfriend. I’m not asking you to cheat on him. I’m just saying if you wanted to that you should. With me. Tonight.” 

I’m sorry. What?

And don’t worry, I went home by myself.

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