You Don’t Have to Understand 

People judge me for “going through guys” too quickly. I guess I do, and I shouldn’t be upset about this judgement. 

All I ever wanted was to tell the guy I’m with about my depression, anxiety, or ADHD and have him say that he understands. After years, I finally found someone who did. 

At first, we worked out really well. He had almost the exact same problems I had–or so it seemed. Slowly I began to realize that there was nothing similar in our psychological disorders. Yes we were both depressed, for example, but how we showed this to each other and the ways it affected  our lives were completely different. As it turns out, being with someone who “understands” didn’t work out for me. 

After this relationship, I realized that it’s impossible for someone else to understand exactly what I’m going through. I decided it was time to change my goal. I no longer wanted to find someone who understood, but I wanted someone who knew about my disorders and loved them as well as me. I needed someone who didn’t see these disorders as a major personality flaw. I needed someone who saw them as what they were, even though there is no possible way to understand, and loved me for it. 

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