For it has been three years since They grasped her. They decided that She was the one, so They took Her in. She understood this right as it happened. She understood at that point that She then belonged to Darkness and Despair. 

For She tried to rid herself of Them. She tried to hide. She tried to run. No matter what She did They were always with Her. 

For sometimes, others would see Them. And some could even feel Their presence around Her. But then, He saw Her. 

For He did not see Darkness and Despair. And when She told Him of Their constant presence, He did not understand. But He knew that He had to help Her escape Them.

For He did not know what would rid Darkness and Despair. So He searched and searched. He asked others. One man told him this: To rid yourself of Darkness and Despair, you must find Light and Hope. 

He returned to Her. Empty handed. 

For She did not understand. She questioned Him. 

For He knew no answers. He had failed to help Her. 

For He could not see Darkness and Despair. Together, They decided maybe She should look since She could probably feel and see Light and Hope better than Him. 

For They never did see Light and Hope. But on Their journey, Darkness and Despair finally let Her go. 

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