The Prettiest Flower

I’ve always been sensitive and fragile. I never wanted to be this way, but I’ve always been like this. There’s no way for me to escape it. As a kid, I was really shy. I remember the first time I ever spoke in front of one of my classes. This was my reading class in eighth grade. Since then I’ve become more and more outgoing, but I’m still sensitive and fragile. 

I would say I’ve gotten better. I can take a few harsh comments every now and then. What’s crazy is that every now and then I can even say something mean! But even if I’m getting better, I still think of this frailty as a curse. 

Why can’t we think of this sensitivity as a good thing? I am empathetic and understanding. But it’s so difficult to remember that it could be a good thing. It could make me and others like this a flower. A beautiful flower. Right? 

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