Dreams: A Family. Part One

“Sammy, God, just please stop.”

I’m talking to my little brother. We actually get along really well, but he’s still an annoying little brother. 

“Please, Sammy, you’re getting water all over the walls.” 

He responds by reminding me that the Jacksons did let him play with that toy in the first place. They are our neighbors, and we saw their dog outside a little while earlier. I now remember that he’s right; they did indeed invite us in and let Sammy play with their daughter’s toy. I’m still confused as to what this toy is and why it gets water everywhere, but I disregard this fact. 

I babysit for this family, and I realize that’s why I’m upset that Sammy is making a mess. I finally get my little brother to calm down when the Jacksons walk in. They really are very nice, but when they see the water all over the walls, they immediately ask Sammy to clean up. I give him a simple, “I told you so.” Then I begin to play with their five year old daughter. 

The Jackson parents tell Sammy how they need the walls very clean since they are having a party later. I thought this party was for us since we were moving away, but then somehow I remember that we weren’t even invited. 

Once I realized how long it would take Sammy to clean the walls, I decided to be nice and help. Of course right when I go to help there is no longer just water on the walls, but now there is also writing all over. We begin to scrub the writing, and it didn’t take long for my arm to cramp up. 

The Jacksons were thankful for our cleaning, so they invited us to the party. I guess my whole family was invited because we were all there when someone else was in our house. 

We returned home. My dad walked up to the door, but it was locked. Wait, it’s not only locked, it’s also blocked. Before anyone really thought anything of it, we knocked. No one came to the door. Then, I heard someone. 

“Daddy, someone is in there.”

“Callie, don’t worry about it. We will take care of this. It is probably some harmless robbers.”

We just moved into a much nicer house, so I figure this is plausible. My older sister, Michelle and I go around to check the back door. It was open! So we snuck into the house. Our house. 

While trying to be absolutely silent, we heard someone walking around right above us. That was Michelle’s room. She whispered, “Callie.” But I already knew what she meant. It sounded like one person. Surely we could take one person together. 

Upstairs, Michelle’s door was already open. We could see her. She was probably around five foot four inches, and honestly, a cute girl. I am so confused. I didn’t exspect this to be the person robbing my house. 

She turns around and points a gun at my sister. She shoots and hits Michelle. I suppose I’m not thinking straight, but I just realized I’m running toward this girl. She can’t be much older than me, maybe 22. I’m surprised when she doesn’t shoot. But, ouch!

I got pulled aside by some older guy. Maybe in his thirties. So there are more than one person here. I can feel his hand over my mouth so that I don’t scream, but somehow I feel safe with him. It’s like I know that he won’t hurt me. 

He whispers in my ear. He says, “I didn’t sign up to kill anyone.”

I think that he is telling me that he’ll help. The other girl, the young one, is now gone. I don’t know where she went. 

My dad comes running up the stairs. He finds the gun on the ground. I’m not sure what is going on until I hear the gunshot. My dad just killed the one guy trying to help us. 

He moves us to another room upstairs. This one is empty since we haven’t moved all our stuff in yet. But from the doorway of this room I can see downstairs. I’m not sure where my dad went, but he must have left me here for a reason. 

The next thing I knowledge is right back beside me. He tells me that Sammy and my mom have both been killed. I know I heard what he said, but I guess I just didn’t understand. He left again. 

From my spot in the doorway, I can see someone. He is a guy and right around my age. I realize he is proably a bad guy. After all, he is in my house with people willing to kill us. But something about him doesn’t seem evil. He doesn’t look harmful. I almost waved, but remembered my situation. 

They grabbed me. The girl from Michelle’s room and another girl that I had never seen before. 

I couldn’t move. They were both looking at me. The girl I had not seen before looked at me with excitement in her eyes. She said, “I’ve been waiting so long to meet you.” And with that, they took me to their car. Not long after the kind boy joined us. And we left. 

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