mental disorders


Yeah, selfies are a huge current trend. I guess you could call it a trend. I think they used to be a trend, and now it’s just a type of picture. And a normal type of picture at that. 

I don’t know what they mean to other people. But I do know that when selfies first appeared, everyone judged the people who used selfies as their profile pictures or the people who constantly posted selfies of themselves. But then, everyone also pitied these people because it was assumed that they posted these pictures to gain self-confidence. 

The truth is, everyone needs more self-confidence. 

I know I do. I’ve gotten a lot better. I used to think I was fat, or that I just couldn’t compare to other pretty girls. 

And I have gotten better. I really have. But I still struggle. I take selfies to gain confidence. There I said it. 

Sometimes I send them to guys. Sometimes I post them on snapchat. But sometimes, I just take them for myself. 

I can take a selfie, look at myself, and realize that I’m not all that ugly at all. And sometimes, I even find myself thinking I’m pretty. 

So for all of you who think selfies are annoying or weird, I don’t disagree. But you should think about the benefits because I’ve found out that there really are some. 

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